The Wooden Floor Maintenance

If you are planning to get wooden flooring in your new house, you should be aware that wooden flooring needs a lot of care and protection else it will lose its look and luster and the wood will start degrading. It is very easy to get wooden flooring but the difficult task is to maintain and retain the wood in its original condition and position so that it looks as good as new whenever you look at it. Here are a few protective measures that you are bound to take if you want your flooring to always look new. Always protect your floor from water and moisture of any form. Wipe and clean of any spills before they seep into the wood. Once the dampness gets into the wood, it starts decomposing and eating it from the inside. Slowly and gradually the flooring starts to warp and stain taking off years from its life. Keep your wooden floor clean. Get rid of any type of dust, dirt or debris. These small fine particles keep gathering on the floor or in the corners and collectively act as an abrasive for the polish done on your wood. When you walk on the floor, scratches develop on the surface of the wood and soon it loses its shine, polish and luster giving an extremely dull, dark and un kept look. To stop this from happening place door mats on all entry points or entrance ways of your house. Wooden floors are light and soft and hence cannot take too much pressure. So, remember to avoid wearing heavy set shoes like sports shoes, heavy boots, heels and stilettos. Such type of shoes tend to put a lot of pressure on the floor leading to the wearing and tearing apart of the wood at weak points. When placing or moving furniture, we always forget about the wooden flooring underneath is that is very sensitive to such kind of heavy movement. Along with the pressure that all this heavy furniture exerts, it is also likely that it scratches or chips off the wood when pushing or moving the furniture. To avoid this put soft foam pads or pads that are made up of protective covering to stop your wooden flooring from getting damaged. Never drag anything across a wooden floor. With children around, we forget what great amount of potential they posses to damage the floor. Often they will run around with toys and push, pull and scrape objects all over the floor denting and scratching the wood. Stop your children from doing so and learn to carry things instead of pulling or dragging them across the floor. Since wood is a natural material, it is bound to shrink and expand in order to the seasons. In summers it is likely to grow in size and contract in the winters. This change can often crack the wood. To get rid of this use a dry humidifier at all times to maintain the temperature of the wood and prevent it from breaking or cracking.

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