• Latest Home Design News

    Overcoming home design dilemmas Building a new home is exciting in so many different ways. Having an entirely new space to fill, design and decorate is high on that list. But making those considerations alongside the construction process, not to mention the sheer number of decisions … Read more on Lowell Sun Tour inside Architectural

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  • Interior Design Modern Bedroom and Home Design

    Interior Design, Modern Bedroom, Decorating ideas for Jon’s Modern Home Design. With only weeks left before the Interior Design installation of the LaJolla p… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Location: County Derry Original air date: 24 September 2014 Architect Patrick Bradley has come up with an unusual £100000 house design built out of four 45f…

  • Five Home Design Mistakes To Avoid

    Five Home Design Mistakes To Avoid James Roche, chief executive of Houseplans.com, has five major design flaws that do-it-yourself homebuilders tend to make, and they aren't pretty. After all, once a house is built, it's hard, if not impossible, to reconfigure a hallway or move a bathroom. Read more on Boston.com Hospital takes healthy cues

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