• Bathroom Floor tile choices.

    There are now so many bathroom ideas for decorating and planning the layout of your bathroom. There is the option to turn your bathroom into a wet room which will create space and an individual design or you could turn your bathroom into a luxurious relaxing zone with a designer bath and walk in shower.

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  • Bathroom Floor Cabinets

    The Bathroom Floor Cabinets and their uses It is not something uncommon for most of the bathrooms to have a small & limited storage capacity thereby requiring Bathroom floor cabinets. Usually people nowadays don’t go for big sized lavish washrooms since all they need is to either poop or take a shower. This is true

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  • Bathroom Floor Tiling

    In order to get a professional looking job with bathroom floor tiling, it is best to remove the toilet instead of tiling around it. Tiling around the toilet is perfectly acceptable if all the cuts are done correctly and you do not end up with too many small pieces. It is best to just remove

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