Standard Custom Modular Home Builder

Basically a standard modular home can be altered and modified to fit your every need. Freeport Industries(FPI) in-house designer will sit down with you to discuss exactly what you are looking for in a home and come up with a design which not only meets but exceeds these needs. Whether it is the fixtures, increasing the roof pitch, vaulting a ceiling or opening up a wall, work with FPI to get the customer modular home of your dreams today!

Freeport Industries are Home Builderlocated in Western Canada. Specializing in modular home building, Freeport Industries can design and build to suit every customers needs. Freeport Industries manufactured homes are built to high quality standards with strong attention to detail. Whether it is a single-story manufactured home or a three-story manufactured home with custom components, the experts at FP Industries can easily find a home to match your exact needs and budget.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that a modular home has over a stick-built home is the superior quality that is found in a modular home. Many home consumers think that modular homes are quickly put together with average materials without any attention to building green homes that are energy efficient. This couldnt be more false. Modular homes are assembled with precision jigs in a climate controlled facility where materials are protected from any weather elements. Furthermore, there is strong attention to building superior energy efficient homes using only the highest quality, kiln-dried lumber. Most modular homes also come with extended warranty coverage. Not many stick-built homes can boast those attributes.

Our secret lies in the evolution of off-site construction. At Home Industries we have fine-tuned the design and production of modular structures to offer exceptional custom and speculation homes that are technically advanced and architect-inspired for stylish yet functional, up-to-date, multi-level living spaces. Our home builders design residences are available at lower cost and, most importantly, ready for occupancy in just three months.

So, if you are in the market for a new home in BC, there is a plethora of information online which details which BC home builder is right for you. If you are one of the many people who are now seeing the benefits and advantages of choosing a modular home, you will quickly recognize Freeport Industries as being one of BCs most distinguished modular home builders.

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