Plans For Building a DIY Green House


Do It Yourself (DIY) greenhouses are catching on in a big way these days. Why? Just look at food prices and it should be obvious. Also if you listen to the news, they are not going to stop rising any time soon.

For example, we have many emerging markets in the world today, whose people want to improve their diet. Plus we are using our food for items other than food. For example, corn is being directed for use as fuel rather than food for our animals and us.

So there are several reasons why food prices are rising and building a DIY greenhouse may be the answer. If you elect to go this route, lets review some issues you may want to address before you start. I had to address these issues when I built my DIY greenhouse.


This is one of the bigger issues you need to address. Size depends on several issues:

Location – Where are you going to put your greenhouse? It should be in a sunny location to provide enough sunlight for adequate growth. When I built my greenhouse in Alaska, I monitored my land while the sun was up to ensure the location received at least 12 hours of sunshine.
Maintain – Determine how much can you maintain. You do not want one so small that you do not grow all you can, and yet you do not want it so big that you cannot maintain it all.


Determine if you want to heat your greenhouse or not. The issues you need to address to determine if you are going to heat or not are::

Cost – The best way I found to heat my greenhouse is by electrical heater. If your utility uses natural gas to generate electricity it may be beneficial to heat your greenhouse. But if they use oil, it may not be cost-effective.
Weather – If your springtime temperatures rarely fall below freezing it may be beneficial to heat. Where I lived in Alaska, it always fell below freezing in he spring time so I did not heat my greenhouse.
Type Of House – If you are going to heat your greenhouse, then make sure you build one that is sealed from the environment so you do not lose heat.


These are the two main items you need to consider before you start building your greenhouse. Once I addressed these issues I was able to build my greenhouse and was satisfied with the results.

I have been gardening for over 35 years.

If you want to know how I grow tomatoes go to my site Tomatoes. Also I have placed a picture of a cabbage I grew in my greenhouse in Alaska at this site Greenhouse. The cabbage is over 35 pounds!

Plus you can see plans forĀ  building a greenhouse.

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