Modular Homes – A Traditional And Customized Home

Modular homes have a long history, despite their recent surge in the home building market. For hundreds of years, builders have built pre-fabricated homes and it really gained popularity and steam in the early 20th century.

A huge boost to the modular home market occurred immediately after the Second World War when all the soldiers returned home after years away and they looked to immediately buy a home and start a family. The demand far outstripped the supply during this decade and as such, there was an explosion in modular home building. Although modular homes in the 1950s were far simpler than todays elegant and sometimes extravagant modular homes, they still followed the same building process as today: lower cost of home building while providing greater efficiencies and quicker turnaround times.

Freeport Industries is an example of how a home builder has really brought a new and modern look to the traditional modular home. Fully customizable, multi-storied and as big or as small as you require, todays modular home is a far cry from half a decade ago. One can even get an architect to create a modular home exactly how you want it. Freeport Industries modular homes offer home owners this flexibility so that the customer always gets what they want.

Would you believe it? Modular homes are now so accepted that one of the worlds largest cruise ships, the Queen Mary 2, has its entire passenger cabins built with modular units. Furthermore, the most expensive suites on this ship are also built using modular units (and this is one of the worlds most expensive cruise lines!). The ship owners made the decision to go modular with each unit because they wanted a high quality level of workmanship in each unit and this could only be easily achieved in a factory environment.

So, if you are considering buying a modular home and are still unsure as to whether these are widely accepted and a popular choice, have no fear, todays modular homes are considered top of the line, high quality and built to last.

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