Ideas for Designing a Home

Planning a home remodelling but confused about where to begin from? Here are some tips for your guidance:

Outdoor living space: Hire an outdoor garden design company to plan and design your outdoor living space. Add a small vegetable garden; add stone accessories and fountains to enrich its beauty. The garden designer can give you more ideas and suggestions. Be sure to hire reputed and well established professionals.

Colour: Changing the colour of the exterior walls of your home can be a great way to update its style. Look around in your community and neighbourhood for inspirational colours or check the internet for your best options. Deciding on a colour is one of the commonest problems that people face. So if you and your spouse is disagreeing regarding the colour, each of you may select top 4 of your colour choices. Then you can look for a professional architect and ask for his opinions about which colour might look the best. He might suggest an altogether different colour. Be open to their suggestions and don’t just expect them to tell what you wish to hear. The colour you like may simply not look good when put up on a wall.

Have a professional render your sketch: Having a 2D or 3D rendering of your home is a great way to see how your home will look like once the project is complete. Seeing it you can make modifications if something doesn’t please you.

Add your address: Make your address large and graphical so that it stands out. If you are happy with the way your present address is displayed, just add a light above it to add an appeal and make it visible in the dark. You can also hang your house number above your door. It will be an uncommon way to display your address. But for this, your sign should be heavy enough so that it doesn’t topple and move too much in the wind. You can also spell out the number as an interesting alternative to typical house numbers. This works well with addresses only 1 or 2 digits long.

Add glass partitions: If you have small rooms with low ceilings, consider using glass partitions to offer expansiveness. They would simply push back the walls and give you breathing space. Plus they are a cost viable option and a perfect solution for negating the permanency of walls that once erected is hard to demolish or remove. Glass partitions, on the other hand, can be installed anywhere at any time with no pinch at your pocket. You can install them in the bathrooms to demarcate the bathing area from the dressing area. You can also use them to separate the dining space from the kitchen. Additional benefit of glass partition is that it acts as an insulator and obstructs unwanted sound. Depending on the privacy needed in a room, you can use frosted, painted, sanded or scribbled glass partitions. Visit here to know more about such stores.

Steve Hawk is a renowned decorator. He is also an author and has written many articles on home decor and modelling. In this article, he writes about how to design a home.