Home Elevators – A Great Addition in New and Renovated Homes

Elevators are no longer a luxury in homes. Home elevators can be a great addition in new and renovated homes, since these truly help the disabled and elderly family members. Apart from this, installing a home elevator increases the market value and architectural worth of your home.

Home Elevators with Custom Options

To meet the varying requirements of customers, home elevators come in a range of models. Available in a huge array of styles and sizes, home elevators are provided with a number of premium features, finishes and color options.  Some elevators come with enormous custom options to fit your needs. For a new home, installing a home elevator is easy. For installing a home elevator in a renovated home, the important thing to check is the architectural design of your house.  With many models available, you have to choose the system that best fits your building requirements.

Savaria, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Federal Elevator are the renowned manufacturers of residential elevators, offering a great range of products.  

Standard Features of Home Elevators

•  Emergency battery-lowering device
•  In-cab telephone
•  Fully automatic operation
•  Interlocking facility
•  Lockable control panel
•  Automatic car lighting
•  Emergency alarm
•  Cable safety devices
•  Emergency stop switch
•  Slack chain brake system
•  Battery powered emergency lowering and lighting

Where to Buy Home Elevators from

One of the best options is to purchase from authorized elevator dealers. As a number of elevator dealers are competing in the market, it would be ideal to make a comparison to get better business deals and suitable prices. When looking for these service providers, there are some aspects to consider:

•  The reputation of the company
•  Models and services offered
•  Prices

Make it a point to read the testimonials from other customers before making any choice. If possible, get details about the product from someone you know who has purchased the product from your chosen elevator company.

When you buy from reputable companies, you are ensured quality products, better service, and considerable cost savings in the long run. A good elevator company will not only help in providing trouble-free installation, but also help in finding the right product and providing timely maintenance services. Residential elevators are indeed a great addition in new and renovated homes, improving the quality of your life.

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