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When considering the real estate market and the potential for a new home, new home builders in Pa. is a consideration that should not be taken lightly. In today’s market the option of building your own home is one that many homeowners find quite appealing. However, the reality behind building a new home is daunting and can lead to many pitfalls if experience is lacking. At Provident Homes, new home builders in Pa., we pride ourselves on creating an experience that is rewarding for the lifetime of your home.

New home builders in Pa. need to know all of the ins and outs that come along with building a custom home. These requirements involve zoning, permits, structural qualities, personal taste, neighborhood specifications and so much more. There is also the need to balance the desires of the customer with the new home builders in Pa. codes. All of these items are part of our process and our expertise. The expertise and process is derived from a long history, three generations, in the building industry.

The benefits to using Provident Homes Corporation, new home builders in Pa., are multi-faceted.

Energy Efficiency – As new home builders in Pa. we understand the need to be responsible with the environment. That is why Provident Homes are Energy Star certified homes. These homes allow for incentives passed on to the home-buyer. In addition, the homes offer more efficient qualities which in turn save home owners dollars. Tips can also be given to assist in remaining as energy efficient as possible. Plus, the resident can also feel a sense of satisfaction knowing they are doing their part in making a difference. * Quality Workmanship and Material – We start our projects with the highest commitment to workmanship and maintain that same intensity throughout. We do not pride ourselves on the amount of homes we produce nor on the speed in which we produce them. We want the buyer to feel confident in the quality we give each and every home as new home builders in Pa. Part of that quality also rests on the material we use. In our efforts to build a home that will withstand the test of time we use quality material so the owner does not have to worry about imperfections or costly expenses down the road. * Customer Satisfaction – Perhaps the biggest difference in buying a pre-existing home and having a home custom built is the customer input that is taken into account. We understand that this could be someones home for a lifetime and we want them to be an intricate part of the building process from start to finish. If the customer is not satisfied then we have not done our job. There are many different selections in our current luxury home designs or we will work with the client personally on designing the house of his or her dreams.

We have communities that range in all phases of building. There are neighborhoods that have already been built by us and there are communities that are in the planning stage. We have a multitude of choices with something for everyone. Plus, we stand behind our work with a 12 year warranty program. Contact us today to get started on making what was once a dream into a reality. When thinking of new home builders in Pa. think Provident Homes.


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