Essential Home Mobility Customizations

Most people donʼt give a second thought to enjoying the comforts and conveniences of their home. But for people who are disabled, a typical home layout can be challenging, from getting up and down the stairs to simply using the bathroom. With a few home mobility adjustments, you should be able to fully enjoy your home with ease.

Here are five essential home mobility products and customizations to consider:

1. Bathtub or Shower Adjustments

A steamy bath or shower is not only an essential part of life, but it can help you forget the stresses of everyday life — especially if it is easy to get in and out of without worry or assistance. In addition to sturdy handrails and nonslip surfaces, make your bathtub or shower more fully accessible with:

• A Folding Mesh Bath Seat: A folding mesh bath seat or shower chair, such as the one from Moen, is lightweight, nonskid, and dries and stores easily. It also has a handheld shower holder that fits standard handheld showers.

• A Bath Lift: A padded, reclinable bath lift, such as the Bellavita Bath Lift, can help you sink into a warm tub of bathwater independently. Be sure your lift is easy to install and operate and the controls are waterproof and float.

 2. Lift Chairs

If you have trouble standing on your own, consider a lift chair. Todayʼs chairs designs are much more attractive than the lift chairs of the past. Pride lift chairs, for example, not only help you stand up, but are also beautiful, comfortable, and come in a variety of fabrics.

 3. Platform/Porch Lifts

With the use of a platform lift (sometimes referred to as a porch lift), you have easy access to any elevated landing in or around your home. A platform lift such as the Bruno Vertical Platform is rugged and dependable and can lift you up to a raised deck or porch outside.

 4. Stair Lifts

Do you have stairs inside your home? A stair lift, like the Bruno Stair Lifts, can raise or lower you smoothly to the next floor or landing. This particular stair lift has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, and uses 12-volt batteries — good thing in the event of an electrical outage. When youʼre not using the lift, the arms and footrests fold up and out of the way of other people using the stairs. There are three basic varieties of stair lift or chair lifts available in the market which is straight stair lift, curved stair lift and the outdoor stair lift.

 5. Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts are indispensable accessibility tools for people who need assistance transferring safely from bed, a chair, or the floor to your wheelchairs. The variety of slings available provides a safe solution for virtually everyone. Without pulling, tugging, or struggling, you can transfer from one area to another with dignity.

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