Drafting Chair Guide

Selecting a drafting chair for your designing requirements may primarily seem like a very easy task, though if you ask any designer that’s gone through the experience of buying a drafting chair he’ll always tell you otherwise.

From one point of view a drafting chair is the simplest and most basic utility that you’ll ever have to buy and from the other it can be as technical as you choose. There are virtually an unlimited number of designs of which some are very straightforward and others are truly a technical tango. The inclusion of drafting stools make the confusion spread even wider.

Bringing the large number of online retailers into the market makes the drafting chair search seem a lot more distant as well.

Thankfully, there is a method to find the best drafting chair for your needs. All that’s required is a mental checklist. How do you work out a mental checklist? Let’s make that a little simpler…

A drafting chair is without a doubt a better purchase than a drafting stool. Stools do not provide anywhere near the comfort and ergonomic benefits that chairs provide. Your back is left unsupported and will be more prone to sprains and injuries with the use of a drafting stool, Therefore, stools are highly disapproved. Do not fall victim to price differences, just realize that as far as one’s health is concerned a stool is hazardous.

Drafting chairs are available in mainly 3 forms: advanced, intermediate and of course basic. A basic chair doesn’t provide a whole lot more than: a backpiece, footrests and armrests. Whereas an intermediate chair might provide features like swivel mechansisms and some more comfort.

The advanced chair which is usually the best drafting chair (and expectedly higher priced) will go all out. You’ll see features similar to: outstanding padding all over; completely ergonomic design; buttery swivel mechanisms and not to forget backpieces that recline.

When you’re ready to purchase a drafting chair the most important advice would be to go for the best in your budget. Say you end up buying a basic chair, you may end up with a few sprains when you’re working long hours. If you buy an intermidate chair it might work out for the short run but you’ll always feel like there could be a bit more comfort here and there. When it comes to the advanced chair not only will the technicals be sound but your comfort will be unparalleld and you’ll spend less time worrying in the future. So, always look for the best chair you can afford and just to help you out along the way search for drafting chair reviews online!

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