Designing Your Log Cabin Home

So you’ve already purchased the lot, been through different engineering and architectural firms, scanned the internet for the most efficient contractors, finished the blueprint of your house, made sure that the right type of lumber and other materials are delivered, and then construction is already under way.

You keep track of the creation of your dream house, checking for the minutest details, making sure that no gaps are left open during the creation of your dream log cabin.  The groundwork has already started; the foundation has been set, and the next thing you know, the walls are already being put up, the supporting posts and beams are in position, the stone fireplace that you just love is already in place.  The wrap-around porch has been set, the bedrooms are all well-lit, and you just can’t wait to move into the house.

But wait, there seems to be something missing.  Walking under the cathedral ceiling, you inspect the place from the ground up, from inside out. And then it hits you… I already have this wonderful log cabin to reside in but I need to have the appropriate furniture and accessories to really spice up the place and bring its personality out.

The first thing to consider is the functionality of the place.  Is it to be used for a weekend getaway only, or is it somewhere you would consider retiring into when old age comes?  Are you planning on hosting family events here, such as Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas holidays?  You must plan ahead for the accommodations such as sleeping quarters and dining arrangements if parties are to be held in your house.

What type of furniture would you want?  Having a log house entails a rustic style to complement the structure itself.  A stone fireplace is the perfect backdrop for a living room; placing iron grills or railings in front of it would not only tie-in the country theme but also provide safety barriers for crawling toddlers.

Textures also play a role in the completion of your rural-themed residence.  Choose furniture which would harmonize with the rough barks of trees, such as hand-scraped hardwood floors.  Addition of plush carpeting would remind visitors of moss-laden lake shores.  Many rustic-themed homes already have reclaimed wood furniture, using them as table slabs, low-set coffee tables, or even accent pieces.  Granite countertops would also look good to use in the kitchen or in a breakfast nook.

Of course lighting fixtures should balance the mood you want your house to feel.  Twigs and branches incorporated in a wrought-iron chandelier can bring the outdoor feel inside.  And having table lamps with wood details would be great conversational pieces.

The outside of your house is also as important as the interior.  Water features such as a pool or a fountain add to the visual appeal of any residence.  If you want to have a little privacy, consider placing climbing vines or trees which provide shade.  Placing flowers in strategic locations would also add color and charm to your perfect country house.  Whatever detail you choose, it is important that your home be a place of relaxation that you can enjoy for a long time to come.


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