Design Tips for Studio Floor Plans

Moving to your studio apartment can be quite exciting because it means you are finally getting to live independently but though you would want to personalize it to suit your style it also important to remember a studio apartment is actually very tiny place by itself and there is simply no point in cluttering it with lots of stuff.

You have to start planning and preparing even before you move into your studio apartment first and foremost all items that are unnecessary even if it has some personal significance. In the beginning it may be a bit difficult to get rid of personal effects but when you picture a beautiful clutter-free space that you can live in style then you will be able to get rid at least quite a few items. But do keep a few items that will add a personal touch to your studio apartment only make sure they are small and it will make the place tinier than it already is.

A studio apartment is basically a large open single space so you have to create different spaces to differentiate between the living space, sleeping quarters and your kitchen area. The best option to achieve this without cluttering the place with different furniture is to use different lightings. You can use spot light to highlight your cooking area and a few foot laps to demark your living space. Using a small ornamental area rug will also make the place look spacious and help mark out the different spaces.

These days the market places is flooded with multi-function furniture so even before you move in to your studio apartment check out and buy some practical furniture like a futon sofa bed which will take care of both your seating and sleeping needs. There is simply no point in having a stand alone couch in a studio apartment you can also go for a collapsible compact table that will double up as your writing desk and dinner table when you have guests.

Though these are just a few suggestions that will make your studio apartment a comfortable and clutter-free place to live keep in mind that you can add your own touches and ideas as long as they do not take up too much space. The idea of living in a studio apartment is to enjoy the luxury of living independently but you should not loose out on space. A little careful planning will make a place a lovely place to live rivaling any other apartment.

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