Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle

There are many things to consider in choosing a floor plan for your new home. Your overall lifestyle, the size and age of your family and your work and entertainment needs all play a role in choosing the best floor plan.

The size and composition of your family may be the most important consideration. Single people and young couples generally don’t require a large amount of space, unless they plan to expand their families soon. The larger your family, the more likely it is that you will need separate areas for different activities. Age is a factor as well; parents will want easy access to their young children’s rooms, while teenagers might want a more private space away from the rest of the house.

If your household includes older adults or someone with an illness or injury, you should carefully consider the home’s layout. You might prefer a ranch house with no stairs, in order to make the home accessible to everyone. If you have a caretaker, determine whether you need a permanent space for him or her, or a room to accommodate occasional overnight guests.

Apart from your family’s size and age, other questions to consider might include:

Is the home energy efficient, allowing you to save money on utilities?
Does the floor plan provide comfort and privacy?
If you have pets, does the layout accommodate them?
Can you picture how you’ll arrange your furniture?
Is there a logical flow between the rooms and extra storage space available as needed?
What hobbies or interests might influence your floor plan preferences? For instance, someone who cooks large meals needs a spacious, functional kitchen. A professional musician might benefit from having a separate, dedicated practice space.
Do you work from home and need a separate office or entrance?
Do you entertain often? If so, are they small, intimate gatherings, or large events that would benefit from more open spaces?
How much time do you spend outdoors? Many people choose floor plans according to certain activities or features, such as a deck leading to a swimming pool.

Take the time to consider all of these factors in choosing the best floor plan for your family. The right floor plan can lay the groundwork for many happy years in your new home!


By Brian Lasonde on behalf of Richmond American Homes on choosing the right New Home for your Lifestyle.

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