A Custom Modular Home

If you are thinking of building a new home, you should consider all the options available to you. A traditional builder can build a home onsite, which typically takes six to eight months, and you can experience all the delays associated with changes in seasons, or you can consider one of many modular homes. In North Carolina there are several reputable modular homes builders you can consult. You will be surprised at all the ways you can create a custom dream home while still using modular building techniques.


Modular homes are among the most promising alternatives to the complexities and hassles of conventional home and building construction. Modular homes are divided into multiple module components, which are manufactured in a production facility and then delivered to the property at one time to be assembled. All of the components are constructed in a large indoor facility. This enables home building to take place any time of year and under any weather conditions. The only time the project experiences weather delays is when the assembly date has to be pushed back due to weather conditions. Otherwise, the indoor environment protects the building materials and the construction schedule from the elements.


Another benefit of pre manufactured homes is the quality and level of inspection. The modules are built on an assembly line track that moves a module from one workstation to the next. Qualified building inspectors are present at each station to ensure all of the construction is done properly and all building codes are adhered to during construction. With a traditional stick-built home, the local building inspector only comes out to the project when called and not all of the personnel onsite are aware of all the building codes. While you may hire a quality builder, not every person doing the construction will have a general contractor’s license, and as the construction goes on, the specialist will be called away to various parts of the house. By having a modular home built, you ensure that every part of your home receives equal attention to quality.


It also important to point out that you are also able to choose your design with a modular home, just as you can with a stick-built home. Custom modular homes are available with a variety of options. When designing your new modular home, you can choose a standard design, a standard design that you then modify to suit your needs, or you can select to customize the design from start to finish. With the fast turnaround of 90 days or less, it’s possible for you to move into a new home you custom design very quickly if you select a modular builder. Opting for a modular home may be the best decision you make, especially if you wish to be in your new home fast.


Building a new home can be a daunting task if you don’t properly research all of the options available. Selecting a modular home builder can put your mind at ease as you will know every part of your home is being constructed to meet or exceed the building code, is not being exposed to rain and wind, and is customized to your design specifications. Having a modular home builder construct your home gives you peace of mind as well as an accelerated schedule, allowing you to move in and enjoy your new home quickly.

Lewis Schultz was a builder of stick built homes for many years before switching to modular homes in North Carolina. Now he offers his customers the same high quality work with faster build times and better prices.


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