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    Segregating Architectural Drafting Services came from the need for focus. Designers needed to focus on creativity and implementation. But with drawings like Construction Documentation carrying increased liability, a separate focus was needed on production of error-free drawings. This segregation that began with In-sourcing, led to Outsourcing, thanks to the Internet. Services A typical Architectural Drafting

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  • All About Custom And Luxury Homes

    When you decide to build your dream home, you have several options. You could either design your own house or opt for the custom and luxury homes provided by today’s popular builders. Custom and luxury home builders provide you with a designer, architect and a builder. They help you build the dream home that you

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    Historically, a drafter (or draughtsman, the British term) was a specialist. He was skilled in measuring buildings or machines and reproducing them on paper accurately.  Being a drafter was one of the respectable jobs that could be secured at a younger age, requiring a Diploma after High School.  However, in the early days when employment

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  • Home Interior Designers

    As you venture out to buy a new home, there is a sense of mixed emotions.  While you are worried about arranging the finances, your excitement of a luxurious dream possession is about to come true.  You are about to move into a beautiful haven where you and your family feel protected.  Do not let

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  • Latest House Plans News

    Three vacant city sites are identified for housing plans Developers, builders, investors or consortia are invited to put forward expressions of interest for the private public partnership house building plan on council land stretching to over 30 hectares. It's estimated that approximately 1,500 houses and … Read more on